Hazrat Inayat Khan was born on the 5th July, 1882 in Baroda, India, into a family of great musicians.Music

After establishing himself at an early age as a master musician and an esteemed player of the Vina he worked for the revival of interest in the spiritual heritage of Indian music.

During this time he received initiation from his Sufi teacher and from other mystics.

He came to the West in 1910, and brought with him the culmination of the wisdom of the teachings of the God-ideal passed onto him by the masters, sages and messengers of his time

From these teachings came the Sufi message which is being spread throughout the world.

Hazrat Inayat Khan returned to India in 1926 and passed  away after a short illness in Delhi on the  5th February 1927.

Sirkar Van Stolk, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s secretary, came to Cape Town, South Africa in 1951.  He and others established the Sufi Movement in South Africa.