This is a simple non-sectarian, devotional service, highlighting the unity of religious ideals and is based upon the Sufi Message brought to the Western world in 1910 by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The altar is in readiness for the service and a single candle will be burning  symbolically representing the Light of God and bathed in the fragrance of incense.

When all is in readiness three Cherags (light bearers) enter the place of worship and take their seats on either side of the altar.  The people honour the messengers by standing when they enter the space.

The first Cherag acknowledges the presence of God through the Invocation.

Then the ‘light’ is kindled of six religions:

Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hebrew, Christianity, Islam,

as well as those who have held aloft the Light of Truth through the darkness of human ignorance.

Saum is then prayed.  (The people stand)

A second Cherag reads a short passage relating to the Topic of the Service from each of the sacred scriptures.

Salat is then prayed. (The people stand)

Then finally a passage from the Sufi Writings.

The third Cherag then delivers the talk.

Khatum is then prayed.

The Blessing concludes the service.

May the blessing of God rest upon you,

May His peace abide with you,

And may His presence illuminate your heart,

Now and forever more.