A heart with wings, containing a crescent and a star.

This explains that the heart is between soul and body, a medium between spirit and matter. When the soul is ‘covered’ by a love of matter it is naturally attracted to matter.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Jesus

The heart is subject not only to attraction to matter, but also to the things of the spirit. Thus the heart with wings expresses the heart’s reaching upwards towards God.

The crescent in the heart expresses its responsiveness – like the responsiveness of the crescent-moon to the light of the sun – for it naturally receives the light, which develops it until it becomes the full moon.

The principle teaching of Sufism is that of learning to become a pupil. The greatest teachers of the world have been the greatest pupils, and it is this principle which is represented by the crescent.

The crescent in the heart signifies that the heart which is responsive to the light of God becomes illuminated.

The star represents Divine Light. The five-pointed star also suggests the natural form of man, activity and the beginning of life.

The Divine Light, represented by the five-pointed star, is reflected in the heart which is responsive to the Divine Light.

The heart which by its response, has received the Divine Light, and is thus liberated – as shown by the wings.