walkerWhere after a period of familiarisation an individual feels a close affinity to the Sufi Ideal, he/she is able to join the Sufi Order (also called the inner school) by initiation.  The initiate is called a Mureed i.e. a pupil.

Sufi Order meetings are held in each centre. They are open to Mureeds or by invitation of the centre leaders.


Hazrat Inayat Khan says:

“Words can explain all things that are comprehensible, but for the  soul, which passes beyond human comprehension, words are too inadequate.  But the question, “How can a person then realize his soul?” can be answered by the inner culture. (Vol. IV  Metaphysics)        


Initiation only means a step forward, a step which should be taken with hope and courage, for without courage and hope it would be most difficult to take any forward step.