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VOLUME I – The Way of Illumination

The Traditional  Sufic outlook on life’s values and purposes is re-expressed by Hazrat Inayat Khan in universal and contemporary concepts.

Included are: The Way of Illumination; The Inner Life; The Soul; Whence and Whither; and The Purpose of Life.

VOLUME II – The Mysticism of Music, Sound and Word

Sufism traditionally used music as a means of transmitting the essence of mystical insight. Hazrat Inayat Khan integrates this concept of music with elements like sound and silence, vibration and the word, thoughts and inspiration, creating new dimensions for our lives, and thereby recomposing a musical concept extending beyond the tradition of time and culture.

VOLUME III – The Art of Personality

This volume contains the substances of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teaching on our Divine heritage and human relationships, including the science of life’s forces. He suggests that the art of personality is the completion of nature and the culmination of heredity. Development of the personality is taken from before birth to the deepest aspects of consciousness.
Included are: Education;  Rasa Shastra; (Life’s creative forces)  Character-Building and the Art of Personality; moral Culture.

VOLUME IV – Mental Purification and Healing

In this volume the Sufic principals are explained concerning the influence the mind may exert on the body, in relation to the spiritual power within us, and concerning the possibilities of spiritual healing in conjunction with modern science.

Included are: Health, Mental Purification; The Mind World.

 VOLUME V – Spiritual Liberty

This volume contains a wealth of information about different aspects of Sufi mysticism.
Included are: A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty; Aqibat;( Life after Death); The phenomenon of the Soul; Love, Human and Divine; Pearls from the Ocean Unseen.

VOLUME VI –  The Alchemy of Happiness

Hazrat Inayat Khan always insisted that spiritual or mystical aspirations are of no avail if one’s life is not lived as it should be. Under this title, forty lectures are collected that deal with life in all its aspects.

VOLUME VII – In and Eastern Rose Garden

Talks given by Hazrat Inayat Khan on a variety of Subjects. His ability to communicate the unity and relativity of his view point on diverse subjects illustrates the essence of his mystical perception of life.

VOLUME VIII – Sufi Teachings

A collection of talks on various practical and esoteric aspects of traditional Sufi teaching developed by Hazrat Inayat Khan in a modern universal context.

VOLUME IX – The Unity of Religious Ideals

A systematically arranged collection of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s addresses on what is perhaps the most important part of his teaching: the underlying unity of all religious thought and experience.

VOLUME X – Sufi Mysticism

Hazrat Inayat Khan situates the traditional concepts of initiation, discipleship, spiritual teaching and other esoteric aspects of Sufism in today’s world. Besides the main part consisting of: Sufi Mysticism and The Path of Initiation and Discipleship, these subjects are included: Sufi Poetry; Art’ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; The Problem of the Day.

VOLUME XI – Philosophy, Psychology and Mysticism

These later talks by Hazrat Inayat Khan, given during the last two years before his death, contain a clear overview of these topics in terms of his Sufic vision. This series of lectures may be considered his magnum opus. The Aphorisms at the end are sayings noted down by his pupils which Hazrat Inayat Khan expressed at different times and places to soothe or clarify the seeker.

VOLUME XII  The Divinity of the Human Soul.

The first part of this volume deals with the relationship of man and God. The second part is autobiographical. The third part contains four short plays written by Hazrat Inayat Khan for his pupils.
Included are: The Vision of God and Man; Confessions; Four Plays.

VOLUME XIII – Sacred Readings: The Gatha’s

This volume contains the teachings derived from classes given by Hazrat Inayat Khan to his pupils at the earlier stages of their training.

VOLUME XIV –  Index to Volumes I – XIII

This volume is published for the first time. It will be of great interest for the student of Sufism.

The Dance of the Soul

This collection of aphorisms is just a gem of wisdom and mysticism with a touch of humour. It helps you to discover your very being at the same time as hinting practicial solutions for your daily life: feeling, thinking, speaking, acting.

Bowl of Saki (1994)

Wisdom for every day. The book contains one saying for each day of the year. Space is left open to accommodate the signatures of your friends.