Living the Sufi Message #18

Man’s whole conduct in life depends upon what he holds in his thought.

– (The Bowl of Saki: Hazrat Inayat Khan) –

The heart, which is called a mirror in Sufi terms, has two different actions which it performs. Whatever is reflected in the heart does not only remain a reflection but becomes a creative power, productive of a phenomenon of a similar nature. For instance a heart which is holding in itself and reflecting the rose, will find roses everywhere. Roses will be attracted to that heart; roses will be produced from it and for it. As this reflection becomes stronger, so it becomes creative of the phenomenon of roses. The heart that holds and reflects a wound will find wounds everywhere, will attract wounds, will create wounds; for that is the nature of the phenomenon of reflection. There is another aspect of this reflection, and that is what one thinks, one becomes. One becomes identified with it. Therefore, the object which is in one’s thought becomes one’s own property, one’s own quality.

– Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan
Volume IV – Mental Purification and Healing, Part IV: The Mind World, Chapter VI  (para 1)

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