Living the Sufi Message #8

Things are worthwhile when we seek them; only then do we know their value.

– (The Bowl of Saki: Hazrat Inayat Khan)-

Very often people ask, ‘How long has one to go on the spiritual path?’ There is no limit to the length of this path, and yet if one is ready, it does not need a long time. It is a moment and one is there. How true it is, what the wise of past ages said to their followers, ‘Do not go directly into the temple; first walk around it fifty times!’ The meaning was, first get tired and then enter. Then you value it. One values something for which one makes an effort.
– Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

 Volume I – The Way of Illumination, Section IV – The Purpose of Life, Ch.II (para 10)

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