Living the Sufi Message #15

Love for God is the expansion of the heart, and all actions that come from the lover of God are virtues; they cannot be otherwise.

– (The Bowl of Saki: Hazrat Inayat Khan) – 

The Sufi establishes his relationship with God as the relationship between him and the Beloved. His worship of God is the expansion of the heart. His love for all beings and for every being is his love for God. He cannot find anyone to love except God, because he sees God in all. If his love is shown in devotion to parents, to wife, to children if it is shown to neighbours, to a friend or in tolerating enemies, the Sufi considers this as an action of his love towards God. In this way he fulfils in his life the teaching of the Bible, ‘ We live and move and have our being in God.’

– Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Volume IX – The Unity of Religious Ideals, Part VI, The Universal Worship (para 9)

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