Living the Sufi Message #13

It is the surface of the sea that makes waves and roaring breakers; the depth is silent.

– (The Bowl of Saki: Hazrat Inayat Khan) –

The bubbles are to be found on the surface of the sea. The depth of the sea is free from bubbles. The commotion is to be seen on the surface, the depth of the sea is still. The mind is the commotion of that something that is within us, that something which we call heart. The happiness, knowledge, pleasure and love that is stored in our innermost being is in our profound depth. Changing emotions and passions, dreams, ever-rising thoughts and imaginations, all belong to the surface, as the bubbles belong to the surface of the sea.
– Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan

Vol II РThe Mysticism of Music, Sound and Word, Part IV, Ch XII, Mind and Heart (para 15)

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