Have A Cuppa Poetry

Poems by contemporaries inspired by the Sufi Message.

Poetry is often an overlooked art where people can go to express their experience and oneness with God. Hazrat Inayat Khan was himself a poet. So are many members of the Sufi Movement. Here is a place where you can come and have your cuppa poetry. Make some tea, or coffee if you will. Sit quietly. Become still. Lock out the noises of everyday life. Take a moment to enrich your being by reading some of the verse shared with us by other members of the movement.

A Tribute to Murshid by Waldo van Essen

Open the Door by Jacques Du Rand

O Millennium Marvellous by Helena Hettema

Rain Bird by Joan Hettema

Tulips by Magda Alberts

Please feel free to email your poems to sufimovementza@vicrand.co.za for consideration on this page. Unfortunately, not all poems received can be published.

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